Now Alchemy

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Our Philosophy

This is who we are. This is what we believe. This is what we are fighting for.

We believe the physical body is a manifestation of the emotional body. Therefore physical dis-ease is the result psychological dis-ease. Our potions are formulated to create emotional and psychological harmony first, in balancing the mind, body and spirit so that repair can take place on all realms. These aren't just products, they are sacred remedies, as such, none offer physical benefits alone. All of our products offer both physical and spiritual benefits.  

Our Process

We have studied the process of Ormus production for years and after working with experts we crystallized our formula for producing the purest form of Ormus.

Organically sourced, scientifically verified

We unify the most advanced scientists, naturopathic doctors, herbalists, and shamans from around the world, sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients from the most mysterious and desolate countries in order to bring you magic in a bottle. When manifesting Ormus C-60, our dream was to create a company that would provide the same natural herbs and superfoods that he uses daily and in the most bioavailable and organic forms possible with modern advancements in technology. We utilize nano enhancement techniques, dual extractions, organic preservatives, all natural ingredients and the highest quality sources on the planet. Today Ormus C-60 provides you with the same impeccable nutraceuticals that we personally use daily to help remain balanced, activated and aware through personal struggles.